NDIS Provider

We are now a registered provider to NDIS registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (external) (NDIS Commission).

Plan Management services are offered This is when a participant chooses to use a plan management provider who will assist a participant with managing their NDIS plan funds. Plan management providers can purchase supports on behalf of participants from either registered or unregistered providers. A plan manager will receive funds from the NDIS and disburse funds on behalf of a participant to providers of other services received.

Process for Plan Management

Initial Meeting

Establish clear processes in service agreement

Agree on a preferred methods of communication

Offer payment assistance

Provide service recommendations to participants

Explain schedule of fees contained in the service agreement

Ensure prompt payments to participants

Ensure money is spent in accordance to participant’s plan

Issue monthly financial statements to participants

Provide change of plan manager statement where appropriate

Create a ‘plan managed’ schedule for the entire plan where appropriate

Offer support by managing funding of support in participant’s plan