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KMT Accounting Services provides a range of experience, resources and services suitable for all types of business or individuals. If your business is a SMB (small business) we will provide big picture thinking and world best practice in our interactions. If you are retiring or retired then our partners can offer to maximise your eligibility and returns. If you are a high worth individual, we can assist very much in your investments and returns. We are based in Brisbane, our services are available worldwide. We welcome the opportunity to become part of your interactions.

Clear Vision, Huge Goals, Strong Mindset.

Please note that our Accounting Practice is also a registered provider of NDIS services.

Contact us for more information on our NDIS services.

KMT Accounting Services was first known as TBS since 2002, having changed to the current firm in 2015, the main principle of the practice is Kevin Tukavkin with a wealth of experience in industry, and a qualified CPA with a public practice certificate and qualifications in SMSF’s, Business Valuations, Computer Security, Business Structures, Management & Organisations, Production & Purchasing, IT & Accounting, Business Statistics, Business Finance, Managerial Control, Financial Markets, Advertising & Promotions, International Business, Government& Business.

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